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In-Garage car covers offer protection from knocks and spills, dust and cats etc. They are suitable for continuous permanent indoor use.


In-Garage car cover royal blue. In-Garage car cover black. In-Garage car cover green.

Most of our In-Garage car covers incorporate a door-zip (with an inner protective flap) on both sides. By "most" we mean that a small number of cars eg Caterham 7 really don't need them !

Our In-Garage car covers have elasticated hems at both ends. More than enough to keep the cover on the car when you get a draft from an open garage door. Red corners at the rear and white at the front, just so you know which way round it fits.

And they are machine washable and dry quickly.

All our In-Garage car covers are supplied with a holdall.

Our In-Garage Car Cover range is usually supplied from stock held in our own warehouse and usually despatched within 2 working days. 80% of the orders we receive (generally before 4pm) are despatched the day we receive the order.

The prices quoted on our website include VAT and free UK delivery.

In-Garage car cover blue.

Technical Information

In-Garage covers are manufactured using a lightweight silky nylon textile with acrylic proofing to render the material truly dustproof. The cover is breathable, and can be easily washed.

We do not use cotton, the traditional material for inside use, because:

(a) it is difficult to make it dust proof, and the treatment to do this does wash out after a few washes, that is, if you can get it in your washing machine ! (By the way, if you can blow through it, dust can get through !)

(b) it is very good at absorbing damp! (think of towels, etc). So any damp air in your garage equals a damp "face cloth" lying on your car and, without a draft, this might take days to dry at some times of the year !

We believe that this fabric represents the best choice available for manufacturing In-Garage car covers. The fabric treatment is to our specification and hence is unique to our covers.

You can feel safe with the knowledge that the driver and passenger door zips have a fabric cover to prevent them coming into contact with the paintwork, and the zip itself is plastic, not metal.

Optional Extras

Mirror and Aerial Pockets.

Upgrade the fit of your cover to virtually fully tailored with these pockets which are designed to fit over wing or door mounted mirrors or non-retractable aerials. Fit them yourself or use our fitting service.

Wheel covers.

Designed for use on wheels on the car, they can also be used as a spare wheel cover, whether hidden inside the car or installed on a tailgate. Enhance the anonymity of your car, so increasing the theft-deterrent value of your cover.

We have a section devoted to wheel covers. Order your wheel covers here.
Special Offers

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1. Austin-Healey 100/4, 100/6 & 3000

Fully tailored cover

NEW creased

Special Offer price £97.00

Full price £108.00

2. Bond Bug

Fully tailored cover


Special Offer price £80.00

Full price £106.00

3. Chrysler Town & Country (65/68)

Tailored cover

White marks outside, grubby inside

Special Offer price £31.00

Full price £122.00

4. Jaguar XJ-S

Tailored cover

Slightly smudged

Special Offer price £190.80

Full price £212.00

5. Smart for 2

Fully tailored cover


Special Offer price £80.00

Full price £100.00

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