Cover Systems Cratch Covers give all weather protection to the front of your canal boat. Effectively creating a new room at the front of the boat, this extra space can be used for storage or simply to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

All Cratch Covers are made to order, with a manufacturing time estimate of 4/5 weeks from the receipt of all your measurements.

Photo showing a windowed cratch cover in use.

Protect your cockpit area and it's contents from the attention of casual thieves.

Manufactured from a high tenacity polyester base fabric with a coating of a flexible plasticised PVC on both sides. Very strong and completely waterproof

Available in two medium weight colours: Black and Grey.

medium weight is 360 grams/sq metre, which provides excellent service and is easier to handle than heavier material (and costs less as well !).

Prices for Windowed Cratch Covers and Options, for information only; you pay when ordering.
for dimension C see the diagram "Plan of required dimensions" down the page
Medium Weight Windowed Cratch Cover, both colours - up to 5ft/1.5m for dimension C £522.00
Medium Weight Windowed Cratch Cover, both colours - over 5ft/1.5m for dimension C £582.00
Acrylic Canvas Windowed Cratch Cover, any colour - up to 5ft/1.5m for dimension C £855.00
Acrylic Canvas Windowed Cratch Cover, any colour - over 5ft/1.5m for dimension C £937.00
Zipped roll-up opening (one side) £21.00
Zipped roll-up opening (both sides) £42.00
Internal privacy roll-up (both sides) £24.00
Turn button £1.44 each
Ball loop/lacing hook pairs £3.10 pair
The prices quoted include VAT : UK delivery is free.

Acrylic Canvas, is available in a huge choice of colours.

Acrylic canvas is a modern version of old-fashioned canvas, in the sense that it is a woven textile. The main difference is that it is woven with a man-made thread (acrylic) which means it is much stronger than traditional canvas (so it can be thinner for the same strength, and therefore lighter to handle).

The company we buy it from is Kayospruce; you can see the colours at Sauleda Acrylic Canvas U/C (>> on the left choose any width >> finally choose your colour); just tell us which colour you want and we will do the rest. Unfortunately it is rather more expensive than the polyester/pvc above.

Photo showing a windowed cratch cover with a roll up opening.

The prices shown above are for standard narrow boat Cratch Covers.

We can also make cratch covers for wide beam boats, like this: Photo showing a plain cratch cover on a broad beam boat
although the prices will be different. Please contact us (opens in new tab/window)


You will need fixings for attaching your cratch cover. You may already have these; if not, we can supply them.

Turnbuttons to attach your cover to your cratch board

Picture of a turnbutton

We suggest one at the end of each straight section, and the rest at about 6"/150mm intervals.

Ball loop and lacing hook pair to attach your cover to the hull, and, if requested, to the gunwale.

Picture of ballloop and hook

We suggest one at the end of each straight section, and the rest at about 6"/200mm intervals; we will automatically add a webbing loop to attach each ball loop to your cratch cover. You must tell us if there is any place where you cannot fix a ball loop/lacing hook.


Ordering is TWO steps. STEP 1 fill in your personal details & cratch measurements then click "SEND THIS STEP 1 FORM TO US"

This will automatically take you to STEP 2 to pay.

STEP 1 - Details.

Please fill in all the details in the form below then click the "send this STEP 1 form to us" button.

Your personal details
Your cratch cover material and colour choices MATERIAL:

Your cratch cover roll-up choices ROLL-UPs: (you can see the extra cost in the prices box above)

zipped opening which side or both ?

Privacy blinds Internal covering of both windows to keep out prying eyes (you can see the extra cost in the prices box above)

Your boat details
Plan of required dimensions Plan of required cratch area dimensions

PLEASE NOTE: the dimensions needed for A & B are of the "gap"; we automatically add 3"/75mm for the hull side, and 3"/75mm for the gunwale.

Plan showing Cratch Board dimensions 2nd plan for cratchboard dimensions

We need these dimensions so we can size the cover to correctly wrap around the cratch board.

And Finally

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Business Customers
I write to express my grateful thanks to a company who not only provide excellent materials for their goods, and excellent service as well. Rare! - Mrs W of Ilfracombe
My cover finally collapsed after 9 years of use. The price has not changed! - Mary of Northampton
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