To see the price of a cover (& our other mower items) for your own garden mower start by selecting the manufacturer.

Available in our outdoor fabric which is also suitable for use in a shed or garage.

Outdoor covers offer protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, ultra-violet radiation, hot sunshine.

Photo showing the sort of ride-on mower we cover.

All our covers are supplied with a convenient holdall.

Give your ride-on mower the protection it needs during the winter when it isn't being used.

To find the cover for your mower start with the manufacturer search above.

If your mower is not shown, you can choose from one of our additional standard sizes, as follows:

Dimensions for the four standard sizes are

Length 65" / 165cms; Width 42" / 107cms; Height 33" 838cms.

Length 80" / 203cms; Width 42" / 107cms; Height 33" / 638cms.

Length 98" / 249cms; Width 42" / 107cms; Height 33" / 638cms.

Length 116" / 295cms; Width 42" / 107cms; Height 33" / 638cms.

To order a standard size, or just discuss it with us, please contact us.